Youtuber Livestreams Himself Doing A #2 On Pelosi’s Driveway


A YouTube star appeared to relieve himself on the driveway of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco residence during a livestream on Saturday.

The video, titled “Poopalosi,” had garnered more than 19,000 views Sunday night.

In the footage, a man who identifies himself as “Armando” walks through the streets of San Francisco in search of the speaker’s house. Once there, he sets up a camera across the street and stands on what appears to be Pelosi’s driveway for several minutes, eventually saluting his viewers before squatting down to poop on the pavement.

After walking out of the frame, he says, “That was for President Trump.”

In a subsequent livestream, titled “I’m gonna need a lawyer,” Armando claims that soon after the act, he was detained by officers with th… (Read more)


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