‘You’re A Bunch Of Socialists’: Lindsey Graham Torches Far-Left Lawmakers Calling On Him To Resign


South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham (R) fired back Thursday after days of far-left House members calling for him to resign his seat, citing a claim from Georgia’s GOP secretary of state alleging that Graham suggested he toss legal ballots in favor of President Donald Trump.

But Graham says he did no such thing and warned the “bunch of Socialists” calling for him to step down that he sees through their agenda.

Earlier this week, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (R) told the Washington Post that during a phone call with Graham, “it sure looked like” the South Carolina Republican was pressing him to throw out mail-in ballots in some counties where there were higher rates of non-matching signatures.

“That’s ridiculous,” Graham said in reaction to Raffensperger’s claims. “What I’m trying to find out was how do you verify signatures for mail in ballots in these states … I thought it was a good conversation, I’m surprised to hear him characterize it that way.”

Georgia was, at the time, undergoing a recount after Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden was projected to win the state by a very narrow margin against President Donald Trump. Several Republicans in Georgia and elsewhere criticized Raffensperger’s handing of the election.

In the meantime, Graham had just handily won re-election in the seat he has held since 2003 against Democratic challenger Jaime Harrison in a major blow to Democrats, despite Harrison raising … (Read more)

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