Youngkin On Biden: This Is ‘What A Failed Presidency Looks Like’


Virginia Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin told Fox News that President Biden has a “failed presidency” and that the “sun is setting” on the political career of his Democratic opponent, former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe.

Fox News Washington correspondent Mark Meredith asked Youngkin if he was worried that Biden will campaign with McAuliffe in the final stretch of the toss-up governor’s race.

“I’m not afraid, I’ll be honest,” Youngkin responded. “You know, down the stretch here, Virginians are so focused on what their governor is going to do for them when I’m governor and we’re going to get our taxes down and we’re going to get our job machine cranked back up, make our neighborhoods safe. And we are in fact going to make sure that our schools are teaching our children how to think and not what to think.”

The Republican noted that McAuliffe “has to try to bring in all these personalities.”

“You can’t help but look at President Biden and recognize what a failed presidency looks like,” Youngkin added. “I mean, you look at Afghanistan, you look at the border, you look at our economy, you look at the fact that everything he’s doing seems to be making America worse, and I’m going to go to work and make Virginia better.”

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