You Won’t Believe Who Just Came Out AGAINST Gun Control


During his 8-year campaign to disarm the American public, Barack Obama repeatedly claimed that law enforcement officers supported his efforts.

He lied. (Not that that should come as any surprise.)

But that didn’t stop Obama’s cronies in the mainstream media from running with the story in service to the agenda of their Lord and Master.

Year after year, the mainstream media told us about how most senior police officials were totally in support of Obama’s assault on the Second Amendment.

But a new Pew Research has found the opposite to be true.

Polling nearly 8,000 police officers, Pew discovered that a whopping 67 percent OPPOSED a ban on assault-style weapons, one of the hallmarks of Obama’s gun control policies.

Law enforcement officials like Detroit Police Chief James Craig explained that having guns in the hands of responsible, law-abiding Americans actually reduces violent crime.

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