You gotta Love This! Feds Announce FUNDING CUTS For 118 SANCTUARY Cities


Are you sick and tired of SANCTUARY Cities?

118 Sanctuary Jurisdictions that have let arsonists and other dangerous criminals free on U.S. soil are being called out on the carpet for their actions – and they could lose their funding.

The ‘Sanctuary Madness’ never seems to end. We have even seen sanctuary restaurants to go along with ridiculous demands by students to create sanctuary campuses. Now, ICE is naming and shaming those sanctuary jurisdictions which have been denying ICE access to criminal illegal aliens in those communities.

According to The Daily Caller

Sanctuary counties and cities have been attempting to deny that they indeed ignore ICE detainers, but the report released Monday makes certain which places the federal government can indeed strip federal funding from. These sanctuary jurisdictions include Philadelphia; Clark County, Nev.; Washington D.C.; Boston; Newark; New York City; Chicago; Milwaukee and all of Rhode Island’s state prisons.

According to The Washington Times, the numbers are staggering…

All told, at least 200 illegal immigrants whom agents sought to deport were instead released by prisons and jails from Jan. 28 to Feb. 3 — the first week of data under Mr. Trump’s shaming policy. Four metropolitan-area jurisdictions — the District of Columbia, Montgomery and Prince George’s counties in Maryland and Arlington in Virginia — are on the list as sanctuaries, putting them in danger of losing federal money if they don’t revise their policies.

The Washington Times is reporting that some of those released back in to the U.S. against Trump’s orders are accused of heinous crimes…

Under Mr. Trump, those charged with crimes — but not yet convicted — are targeted, and the bar for criminal behavior earning deportation is lower. Domestic violence, drunken driving, drug offenses and sexual or aggravated assaults dominated the list.

There were some striking cases as well, including the Riverside Regional Jail in Hopewell City, Virginia, which released a convicted rapist, and three men — two in Texas and one in Oregon — convicted of indecent exposure.

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In Maryland, Montgomery County and Prince George’s County each released men from El Salvador charged with assault. Both counties are on ICE’s sanctuary city list.

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Sanctuary cities should lose their funding among other things…

Some states are already acting:

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