You Can’t Make This Stuff Up! Big City Dem Wants to Ban Bulletproof Glass Because It’s…


A popular current online meme goes, “Every day we stray further from God.”

I’d like to suggest we change that to, “Every day Democrats stray further from sanity.”

Insanity is certainly the first thing that comes to mind when reading about how a Democratic councilwoman from Philadelphia wants to ban the use of bulletproof glass, or Plexiglas, in predominantly African-American neighborhoods.

In other words, putting up Plexiglas in a store located in a black neighborhood is an act of racism.

Zero Hedge added that Yale sociology professor Elijah Anderson had chimed in by labeling Plexiglas a “symbol of distrust,” and claiming its use was part of a series of “micro-aggressions” against African Americans.

H/T Conservative Tribune

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