YEAR IN REVIEW: Every Single Domestic Jihadi Attack and Terror Plot of 2017


This article is written by Pamela Geller!

In each of the past few years, I have done an end-of-the-year summary on jihad activity and Islamization in the United States, so that people might better understand the overarching progress of the jihad in the U.S., and connect the dots.

After years of shouting into the wilderness, the message hit critical mass in November 2016, and Donald Trump, to the absolute shock of the totalitarian left elite, was elected President of the United States.

President Trump’s initiatives to stem jihad and sharia in America have been met with fierce resistance from the jihad-aligned left. Even just last Friday, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals yet again struck down his travel ban, despite earlier versions of the ban having been approved by the Supreme Court. This one will be approved by the Supreme Court as well, but the left is doing all it can to obstruct and delay President Trump’s attempts to defend Americans from Islamic jihad attacks.

Let’s review the catastrophic consequences of Obama’s Islamic policies in the U.S., so as to remember what kind of game the 9th Circuit Court is playing. According to the Sinclair Broadcast Group, “FBI Director Christopher Wray testified before Congress Thursday that the agency currently has about 1,000 active ISIS investigations in all 50 states. He claimed hundreds of attacks have been prevented and cited 176 domestic terror-related arrests in the last year.”

It is obvious that the U.S. is under siege from jihadis. Just last week, a Muslim former D.C. area police officer was found guilty of trying to back the Islamic State. And in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, a Muslim was killed after targeting cops in shooting rampage. Meanwhile, a Muslim plotted mass Christmas terror attack on San Francisco’s Pier 39, writing “There are no innocent Kuffar!” and “Allahu akbar!”

Also, a New York Muslim was sentenced to 15 years for plotting help the Islamic State. In Oklahoma, a devout Muslim who beheaded a woman at a food plant got the death penalty. A Houston Muslim was taken into custody on charges of Islamic terrorism. And in New York City, a devout Muslim named Akayed Ullah tried to set off a jihad homicide bomb in the Times Square subway station.

The two Muslims who plotted to behead me for violating sharia blasphemy laws were sentenced to only 28 years and 15 years in prison.

All that was just in December. In November, an Islamic threat was uncovered against the San Diego Mormon Temple. A ISIS recruiter in North Carolina was discovered to have lied and cheated to get U.S. citizenship. An armed ISIS murderer, Abu Bakar Hussain, was arrested at New York City’s Port Authority.

October ended with a jihad massacre in New York City on Halloween. Eight people were killed as a Muslim named Sayfullo Saipov, screaming “Allahu akbar,” drove a truck onto a bike path and mowed down as many people as he could. Also in October in South Dakota, a Muslim who brandished guns at a Christian event got a seven-month prison sentence with served time suspended. A New Jersey Muslim was found guilty on all eight counts in a 2016 New York City jihad bombing.

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Also in New York City, a prominent Muslim surgeon was arrested for a jihad bomb plot to “create the next 9/11.” He planned attacks at concerts, as well as on subways and in Times Square. In Arkansas, a Muslim ex-cop threatened to blow up a law enforcement training academy. A Brooklyn Muslim was found guilty of aiding al-Qaeda and helping build a truck bomb in Afghanistan.

In September, another Muslim in Brooklyn pleaded guilty to promising to bankroll ISIS recruits. Again in New York City, a  22-year-old Muslim “sought to take up arms with violent terrorists who have killed numerous innocent victims, including Americans.”

August saw a terror investigation in Michigan nabbed a Muslim with a weapons cache in Ypsilanti. In Maryland, an imam was discovered to have bankrolled the purchase of weapons for a jihad massacre inside the U.S. In Virginia, a Muslim pleaded guilty to helping to buy a rocket-propelled grenade for ISIS.

Also in Michigan, a Muslim who stabbed a cop at the Flint airport called himself a “Soldier of Allah” and said his “sole purpose” was to kill police officers. An Ohio Muslim threatened a judge with the “punishment of Allah…through the hands of the Muslims.” In Kansas, a Muslim got 30 years for a jihad bomb plot at Fort Riley.

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July was no different. In Minnesota, a Muslim threatened people with a knife, saying “I will kill whoever calls the police.” In California, an allegedly “naive” Oakland Muslim was indicted for aiding ISIS. In Ann Arbor, a Muslim was shot by a SWAT team after he lunged at officers with knife and a sword, and ordered police to “get on the ground and bow before Allah.”

A Muslim migrant employed at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport was discovered to have aided and armed ISIS; she wanted to “bury unbelievers alive” and bring death to infidels. In Minneapolis, a Muslim police officer, Mohamed Noor, shot an unarmed woman, Justine Damond, under mysterious circumstances, and has so far been able to evade prosecution simply by refusing to talk; the investigation has been perfunctory and inadequate.

In Hawaii, a Sergeant First Class pledged allegiance to ISIS and threatened to torture and “kill other soldiers and service members.” He also believed in the mass killing of Jews. An Ohio Muslim pleaded guilty to providing support for jihad terrorists and paying $15,000 to have a judge murdered. In Virginia, a Muslim applied to join the U.S. Army and Air Force, and was then arrested for trying to join ISIS. In New York, a resident of the notorious “Islamberg” compound was arrested in with a firearms stockpile.

In June, a Muslim made threats at a Wisconsin courthouse: “I’m gonna KILL YOU ALL. Allah. Bomb.” In New York, a Muslim home health care aide was arrested en route to join the Islamic State. An Alabama Muslim was charged with supporting an act of terrorism. Hizballah was discovered to be active in the U.S., with a Dearborn Muslim getting bomb-making training and another Muslim plotting jihad attacks in New York. Also in New York, a Muslim “sleeper” agent was busted spying for a jihad organization’s terror attack. A Muslim who served in the U.S. Air Force got 35 years for trying to join ISIS.

In Minneapolis, in May, Muslims discovered with an arsenal and bomb-making material got only a single felony weapons charge. In Tampa, a convert to Islam killed his roommates over what he perceived as their disrespect to his faith.

Fighter jets scrambled to escort a Hawaii-bound plane after a Muslim tried to break into the cockpit. A Muslim in Ohio was indicted for attempting to join ISIS. A Muslim who set multiple synagogues ablaze was arrested in Las Vegas. A Muslim ex-Marine in Washington, D.C. wanted to start a race war, and bought an AK-47.

More Muslim migrant gunmen were arrested in Minnesota. At the University of Iowa, a Muslim student was charged with making a threat of terrorism.

In Fresno, California, in April, a Muslim named Ali Muhammad opened fire at Catholic Charities while shouting “Allahu akbar,” killing three people. In Detroit, a Muslim who spoke of attacking a church and a hospital wanted to skin his victims “like sheep.” In South Carolina, a devout Muslim who was arrested for trying to join ISIS had a previous arrest in a 2015 jihad plot. And in Indiana, a Muslim screaming “Allahu akbar” tried to strangle a store clerk and attacked a police officer.

In March, a Long Island Muslim named Elvis said he was “prepared to strap a bomb on and sacrifice for jihad.”

In February, a North Carolina Muslim threatened a jihad massacre of non-Muslims, and had an AK-47 and ammo. In Kansas City, a Missouri Muslim was charged with plotting a Presidents’ Day ISIS jihad terror attack on buses, trains, and a train station. A Muslim ex-Marine was arrested after bombs, guns, and knives were found in his Denver hotel room.

Two Muslims pleaded guilty to a jihad plot to set off a pressure-cooker bomb in New York City for ISIS. A Muslim member of the National Guard got eleven years for aiding ISIS and targeting me for death. A Pennsylvania Muslim was discovered to have an assassination list of U.S. military personnel. A teenager in Minnesota was stabbed by a Muslim migrant from Somalia.

An ISIS recruiter was convicted of sending New York City college students to Syria. And in Denver, a Muslim carrying “Islamic writings” shot and killed a transit security officer.

In January, a New York Muslim got 20 years for plotting a New Year’s machete attack and screamed out in court, “There will be more of us.” A Muslim allied with ISIS killed five people at the Fort Lauderdale airport.

Meanwhile, those who stand up and sound the alarm about all this are demonized, vilified, and excoriated. It is critical we support President Trump’s national security initiatives. On Monday, President Trump plans unveiled his “America First” national security strategy. This plan focuses on “protecting the homeland and way of life; promoting American prosperity; demonstrating peace through strength; and advancing American influence in an ever-competitive world.”

The more jihad terror escalates in America, the more the jihad-aligned left will become more unhinged (one shudders to think) and hell-bent on stopping Trump. He needs an army.

That’s us. This is the moment we have been working for. My book is the shocking tale of the war on the individual American standing in defense of freedom. It’s not just the story of what happened to me, it’s the story of what happens to every American, in large and small ways, that fights in defense of individual rights. It’s a must read:  FATWA: Hunted in America. Get the book, or audiobook, buy it for friends. Educate those around you.

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