WTF! He Just Tattooed Hillary on His Leg!


Liberal behavior is becoming more bizarre by the day.

If this is a reflection of where political discourse is at today in our country, then America’s in trouble.

You can have politicians you support, you can even have a favorite politician. But this is approaching idol worship.

It’s just weird.

But that didn’t stop liberals everywhere from applauding Saturday Night Live cast member Pete Davidson after he had Hillary Clinton’s face tattooed on his leg.

The Hill reports:

The 24-year-old comedian unveiled what he called his “Christmas gift” to the ex-White House hopeful on Friday, sharing the image with his more than 450,000 Instagram followers.

“Wanted to get @hillaryclinton a Christmas gift so I got a tattoo of my hero. Thanks for being such a badass and one of the strongest people in the universe Tatt by @jonmesa,” he wrote.

Tattoo artist Jon Mesa told Us Weekly that the Clinton-inspired ink was the real deal, and was done on Davidson’s right leg.

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