Wow! Burning ISIS flag is now racist according to liberals …


These are the times we are living in.

A generation of hypocrites, liars, fake hate crimes, labeling, name calling, where folks call evil good and good evil.

Where it’s okay to burn the American flag, shout, “Kill the President.” But burning the ISIS flag or saying things like, “I don’t want illegall immigrants,” will automatically get you a felony for hate crime.

NEW YORK, A man stole and desecrated several American flags according to the Mid-Hudson News. Christopher Dalameter, on numerous occasions vandalized the property of Julie and Brian Foppes. Dalameter tore down the Foppes’ Trump signs and stole and desecrated several of their American flags. He also destroyed the Foppes’ fence and vandalized their property with spray paint graffiti.

For this anti-American crime spree, Dalameter has been charged with criminal mischief, petit larceny, making graffiti and trespass, all misdemeanors. He was not charged specifically with desecrating the American flag because even when you steal one it is considered an expression of free speech.

But that free speech right ends if a person intends to defame ISIS and burn its flag.

Check what Paul Watson posted on his Twitter… liberals’ comments are INSANE!

Shouldn’t the American flag be a more important than a ISIS flag that celebrates death and Shara law?

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