Wounded Marine Held A Salute For 3 Hours, When The Bikers Saw Him Shaking And Stopped They Gave Me Goosebumps


Every memorial day this Marine stands in honor of those fallen brothers who serve our country. He’s been doing it for years.

But this Memorial day in 2011 was a bit different from the rest. With a broken wrist and sweltering heat this Marine pushed through the pain and stood in salute for 3 straight hours.

After a few hours the Marine started to shake. When one biker saw this he stopped next to the Marine. What he does gave me chills. Watch this!

If you didn’t catch it we captured the moment right here. A rider chose to stop and salute the Marine. How cool is that?

Once a Marine always a Marine, and Marines never quite. No matter how tough things can get.

Thank you Marine. We salute you.

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