World War 3 Alert? Russia Rolls Out TERMINATOR Tank Amid Tension With Trump’s America


Russian President Vladimir Putin’s government has announced a new battlefield super-weapon amid tensions that some fear could lead to war with America.

Putin and President Trump have been at odds over how to deal with the North Korean nuclear threat, as well as ongoing conflicts in the Middle East.

There have been numerous low-level confrontations between the US and Russian militaries, while Putin and Trump have exchanged veiled threats.

This latest threat isn’t so veiled.

From The Daily Express:

Alexander Shevchenko, the Russian defence ministry’s tank-automation commander, said the tank support combat vehicle, dubbed the Terminator, had successfully passed all tests. 

He said the Terminator was “a vehicle of a brand-new class” that “has already attracted many countries, chiefly Israel and Syria”, according to Russian news agency TASS.

The Terminator, which is said to be based on Russia’s T-72 main battle tank, primarily provides direct attack and defensive support to other tanks on the battlefield, including Russia’s T-90A tank. 

The tank was specifically designed with urban warfare in mind and requires five members to operate it – a gunner, a driver-mechanic, two riflemen and a commander. 

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