World War 3 Alert: China Puts Nuclear Bombers on High Alert


As tensions between North Korea and Trump’s America continue to escalate, China is preparing for the worst: nuclear war.

Determined to not be caught off-guard, Beijing has reportedly ordered its fleet of nuclear-capable bombers to remain on high alert.

Via the Daily Express:

Warplane pilots and crew in China have been told to be “combat ready all the time” after a fleet of jets flew over the South China Sea.

Bombers with the ability to carry nuclear arms flew over the disputed region on Thursday as China continues to clash with the US.

While China is technically an ally of North Korea, the Chinese government has been increasingly displeased with its neighbor’s erratic and dangerous behavior.

At the same time, President Trump has succeeded in forging a warm relationship with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

As such, it remains unclear who China sees as the enemy in its preparations for war.

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