Women’s March Participants LIVID After Being Duped Into Giving Personal Info


The Women’s March against President Trump was a fiasco from the start.

And now it’s coming back to bite the millions of feminists who participated.

Shortly after the demonstrations, many of the celebrities who took part sent out tweets asking those who marched to text the words “count me” to a particular number.

They said that they wanted to get a “head count.”

Many enthusiastically did so. They wanted to show President Trump just how many liberal whack-jobs oppose him (as if he cares).

But it wasn’t so simple. Upon texting to the number provided by the likes of Jamie Lee Curtis, march participants were then asked to provide personal details, like their zip code and email address.

What the hell? That was certainly the reaction of not a few of these feminists.

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Rumor-busting website Snopes later revealed that what was happening was that one of the many organizations behind the march had sent out the request.

It did’t come from the primary organizers, but from one enterprising non-profit that wanted to take advantage of all the Trump-hate to grow its database.

Subsequently, march participants were urgently warned NOT to text to the number provided earlier.

Well, now we do know who collected all that personal data.

The deceptive scheme was initiated by “It’s Time Network,” a group that describes itself as “a network working to advance the empowerment of women & girls to achieve #genderequality, evolve democracy, build fair economies & regenerate the Earth.”

But there’s a bigger problem.

It’s one thing for a group like this to steal personal data. But no one knows which other organizations involved with the march will now have access to it.

And some of those organizations are BAD NEWS.

For instance, the Democratic Socialists of America, the Communist Party of the U.S.A., and the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) were all involved. And may now all have the personal information of millions of additional Americans.

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