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More and More Women Are Committing Suicide Rather Than Face This NIGHTMARE


If liberal feminists in America really cared about women’s rights, they’d be all over this story. But in reality, all they care about is bashing anyone who opposes their political agenda.

War brings out the worst in people. But the no-holds-barred behavior of Muslim troops in the Middle East is on another level.

And the women of the northern Syria city of Aleppo know it. That’s why many committed suicide rather than face being raped by dictator Bashar Assad’s soldiers.

Syria’s second largest city has been pounded by the Russian Air Force in recent days. That allows Assad’s government forces to retake much of Aleppo.

Those who survived the onslaught now face a worse fate. Abusive reprisals, even if they weren’t part of the rebel groups.

And women face the worst of it.

Rebel officials quoted by Arab and Western media said that 20 local women had already committed suicide to avoid being raped.

One such woman, a local nurse, left a suicide note:

“I am one of the woman in Aleppo who will soon be raped. There are no more weapons or men that can stand between us and the animals who are about to come called the ‘country’s army’.

“I don’t want anything from you..I don’t even want your supplication… I am committing suicide, and I don’t care if you [Muslim clerics] say I am in Hell-Fire!

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“I am committing suicide…because I do not want several members of the Assad Regime to savor raping me… I am committing suicide because the Day of Resurrection has taken place in Aleppo and I don’t think Hell-Fire will be worse than this.”


The Syrian Army is reportedly going door-to-door in Aleppo. They are said to have a list of those families who possibly had one or more members join the rebels.

It is an old-school witch-hunt. Those families on the list are summarily executed. But not before the women are raped in front of their loved ones.

Those not on the list face forced conscription. It is literally hell on earth.

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