Sharia Alert: Women Arrested for Dancing in Public


Kill enough Jews, and you just might get streets, schools and soccer teams named after you. But dare to dance in public in what is fairly typical evening attire in most Western countries, and you could end up the target of a police manhunt.

That’s what happened to three young Palestinian Arab women after someone posted cellphone footage of them dancing one recent evening on a street in Bethlehem.

All three of the women are wearing short skirts, but nothing that would be out of the ordinary in the liberal democracies currently engaged in trying to turn the Palestinian Authority into a sovereign state.

But, unlike in those liberal democracies, such expressions are apparently illegal in Palestinian society. One of the women was quickly arrested in Bethlehem. The other two managed to flee, but were later hunted down in Jericho.

Iran, China and other such places are often criticized for imposing oppressive restrictions on their peoples. So, it is curious that the same people offering such criticism seem largely uninterested in the lack of basic freedoms endured by the Palestinians thanks to the policies of their own government.

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