Women Accusing Trump of Harassment Unite, Head to Congress. Is the President in Trouble?


Having failed to make the charge of collusion with Russia stick, liberals are determined to somehow drag President Trump into the current frenzy of sexual harassment claims.

Yes, Trump once upon a time made a lewd locker-room joke about sexual aggression, but that’s quite different from physically harassing or abusing someone.

That’s why some actual women had to be found who’d claim that Trump had sexually harassed them.

Now, those women are being brought together by the progressive film and campaign organization Brave New Films.

On Monday, these women will hold a joint press conference detailing what they say Trump did to them, and calling on Congress to launch an official investigation.

The Trump White House maintains that these women are lying, and are part of a larger liberal “resistance” that is exploiting current social phenomenons to smear the president.

Source: The Hill

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