Women Accused of Stealing 7 Year Old’s MAGA hat Indicted, Facing 15 Years In Prison On Charges Of Robbery & Hate Crimes


I bet that you recall the two ‘ladies’ who recently appeared to assault a 7 year old Trump supporter.  The duo stand accused of stealing the little boy’s property, including his ionic ‘MAGA hat,’ while the young man was protesting out side of the Democrat National Convention.

The incident gandered nationwide attention, igniting social media:

‘Outside the DNC Convention tonight, radical leftists attacked a 7 year old boy


Because he was simply showing his support for our President.

The plight of the young mean even got the attention of the Trump family.

The girls were quickly apprehended and arrested.  We are now learning that the paid have been indicted.  According to Fox News:

Olivia Winslow and Camryn Amy, both 21, were indicted by a grand jury on charges of second-degree robbery, second-degree conspiracy, endangering the welfare of a child, third-degree assault, attempted third-degree assault, offensive touching and felony hate crimes, Delaware Online reported.

Three of the charges are felonies, and the two women could spend a total of 15 years in prison, according to Delaware Online.’

Both of the woman are not our on bail according to Kathy Jennings, a spokeswoman for the Delaware Attorney General, informed Delaware Online.

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“[H]arming another person – let alone a child – because of the expression of their views betrays the principles on which our country was founded,” Jennings stated.

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