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Woman to Hang for Killing Abusive Muslim Husband; She NEEDS Our Help!


A 26-year-old mother is scheduled to be hanged after she killed her abusive husband in self defense.

Because the woman lives in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip most governments won’t help.

If someone does not step in, she will become the first Palestinian woman executed in over 20 years.

Fear of Violence

The woman could not even get a lawyer at first. Her family was too scared of revenge attacks by the husband’s family.

The Center for Women’s Legal Research and Consulting came to her aid.

Enough is Enough

The woman’s new lawyer, Bakr Torkmani, explained her situation.

Identified only as Nahla, she was forced at a young age to marry against her will.

Since then, she had lived in forced destitution and suffered repeated beatings at the hands of her husband.

Finally fed up with her situation, Nahla decided to take action.

According to the charges against her, Nahla lured her husband on an outing. When he stopped to releive himself on the side of the road, she stabbed him several times in the back.

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She later confessed to the killing.

Appeal for help

Torkmani told AFP he hopes “public opinion and media reports will have an impact on the judges after the haste they showed in handing out this death sentence.”

But the strict Sharia Law enforced in Gaza won’t give Nahla a chance.

She needs foreign pressure on Hamas and the Palestinian Authority.

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But that is just the kind of pressure America and other Western powers have been unwilling to exert. They have been too fearful of Muslim backlash.

At least, that was the situation under Obama. Will it be different under Trump? Victims like Nahla hope so.

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