Woman Shocked by Strange Nativity Scene at McDonald’s, Posts Photo That Sets the Internet on FIRE


Amy Basel was just driving through her hometown in Tennessee when a shockingly unexpected scene caught her eye.

Now, the fact that this is shocking is really sad. But the reality is that our liberal society has worked hard to remove Jesus from Christmas, to eliminate the “reason for the season,” as it were.

And, unfortunately, those liberal elements have largely succeeded.

But, some are pushing back.

Among those brave souls are the franchisees of a McDonald’s in Basel’s hometown.

This particular McDonald’s put a nativity scene in its window, and made sure to STRONGLY emphasize that Christmas is all about celebrating the birth of the Messiah.

Basel, a committed Christian, was thrilled, and snapped a photo to share online:

The post has been shared over 82,000 times and received over 135,000 Likes.

In other words, it’s gone viral, because whatever our liberal media tries to tell you, most Americans still know and honor the true reason for the season.

Source: Shareably

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