Woman Offers $20K to Assassinate Trump. Only Then Does She Realize Her Terrible Mistake


Has there ever been a president who was threatened with assassination as often as is President Trump?

And we are only one year into his presidency!

The thing is that the authorities, and especially the Secret Service, take such threats very seriously, even if they were made in jest.

A lot of clueless liberals are learning that lesson the hard way.

But they should have known better. After all, wouldn’t they have wanted us conservatives punished if we even joked about assassinating Barack Obama?

At any rate, the latest dimwitted liberal to fall into this trap was one Andrea Hudson, who in responding to one of Trump’s recent tweets suggested that she would pay $20,000 to anyone willing to kill the president.

Hudson was quickly suspended from Twitter, but not before her post was coped and archived.

And that could spell big trouble for her, as not doubt it has already made its way to the Secret Service.

A great many Twitter users are demanding that Hudson pay a much steeper price than simply having her social media account shuttered.

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