Instant Justice

Woman Lets Her Dog POOP in Airport, Annoyed Passenger Gets GLORIOUS Revenge


Some people literally believe the world revolves around them. And it’s a guilty pleasure to see them get instant justice when they wrong others.

Such was the case when a self-absorbed woman let her dog poop in Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). But she didn’t expect what one annoyed passenger, comedian Steve Hofstetter, had in store for her as revenge.

Hofstetter wrote about the entire affair on Facebook, admitting that he may have gone “too far” in getting back at this horrible woman.

He begins the story:

While walking to my gate at LAX, I noticed a woman whose dog was in the middle of doing its business. The woman was loudly face-timing with her back to the dog, so I assumed she didn’t notice. That was likely the thought shared by the gentleman who tried to get her attention.

“Excuse me, miss?” he said, in a polite tone. The woman glared at him. “Your dog,” he sheepishly continued, pointing to the mid-poop pup.

The woman rolled her eyes and went back to face time as the man slinked away, seemingly embarrassed.

“Some people,” she bellowed to her face-time companion with no hint of irony, “are just so damned rude.”

When her dog finished, the woman started walking away, leaving everything right on the airport floor. Another woman tried to stop her.

“You’re not going to clean that up?” she asked, as shocked as the rest of us were.
“They have people for that,” the offender replied, disappearing into the crowd, as much as someone yelling into their phone can disappear into a crowd.

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Hofstetter and everyone else who witnessed that were simply in shock that a person could actually be that horrible.

So when he got to his gate and noticed this offensive woman was on his flight, Hofstetter decided to have a little fun at her expense.

I sat down right next to the horrible woman. “Are you going to London on business?” I said.

“I’m going to Tokyo,” she responded gruffly, annoyed that I interrupted her DJing.

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“Oh, I said. Then you better hurry. That flight got moved to gate 53C. This is the flight to London.”

Unfortunately for this woman, she was as dumb as she was rude and inconsiderate. She failed to even check the sign at the gate and simply rushed off.

Hofstetter later wrote that he didn’t see her on the plane, so must assume that she missed the flight thanks to his little prank.

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