Woman BEHEADED For Going Shopping Without Her Husband


A Muslim woman has been executed by beheading for daring to leave the house without her husband.

This is the kind of Sharia Law madness that will soon make it to our shores if we are not careful.

The brutal killing took place in one of the few parts of Afghanistan still under Taliban rule.

The 30-year-old woman’s husband is currently away on business in Iran. And she needed groceries.

But it was a fatal mistake for her to leave the house, even to buy food, in a region where Sharia Law is enforced.

Immediately upon seeing the woman unaccompanied by a male guardian, a group of armed men seized her and carried out the grizzly punishment.

Afghanistan has been rated one of the worst places in the world for women.

Those familiar with how Sharia Law views women will be unsurprised by that.

While the US military campaign in Afghanistan largely destroyed the Taliban regime, its brand of Islamic rule continues to hold sway.

Recently, five women who worked at Kandahar airport were executed by jihadist gunmen. For these fundamentalists, it is unacceptable for women to hold jobs, or even be seen in public without a male guardian.

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Source: Daily Mail

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