Woman Awarded $120,000 In Tax Payer Funds For Being Forced to Remove Her Hijab For Mugshot


A Minnesota woman was able to turn a traffic violation into a $120,000 pay day in tax payer funds.

The Gateway Pundit reported: ‘A judge issued a warrant for Aida Shyef Al-Kadi’s arrest after she missed a court hearing after she was ticketed for a traffic offense.

Al-Kadi filed a lawsuit claiming the county “violated her constitutional rights and discriminated against her for her religious beliefs” for forcing her to remove her hijab in front of a male jail guard.

Al-Kadi also says her religious beliefs were violated because she was forced to wear a jail uniform — like everyone else in jail.’

According to a report in The Guardian:

A Minnesota Muslim woman has received $120,000 to settle her lawsuit alleging she was forced to strip in jail and remove her hijab for a booking photo over a traffic offense, the woman and her attorneys said Tuesday.

Aida Shyef Al-Kadi appeared with her attorneys at the Minneapolis headquarters of the Council on American-Islamic Relations to announce the settlement approved last month.

Al-Kadi, 57, said her treatment at the Ramsey county jail in August 2013 was “one of the most humiliating and harmful experiences” of her life.

“I knew that I did not want any other Muslim woman to experience what I did,” she said.

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