Without Even Knowing The Nominee, Kamala Vows To Block Supreme Court Pick [Opinion]


Opinion | Kamala Harris vowed to block any Trump nominee to replace Ginsburg.

According to the New York Times:

‘Senator Kamala Harris of California, Mr. Biden’s running mate, also issued a statement: “Even as we focus on the life that she led and process tonight’s grief, her legacy and the future of the court to which she dedicated so much can’t disappear from our effort to honor her,” she said of Justice Ginsburg. “In some of her final moments with her family, she shared her fervent wish to ‘not be replaced until a new president is installed.’ We will honor that wish.”’

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are in agreement that a Ginsburg replacement should not be done until after the election.

The argument is that the American people should decide.  Well, the American people actually did decide by electing Donald Trump as president and the US Senate to be controlled by the same party, the Republican Party.

Since the president is still in office, ditto for the Senate, the American people decided who should nominate Supreme Court Justices.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell made that point clear a long time before Justice Ginsburg passed away, and it seems to be lost on liberals.  If the party that controls the Senate is different from the president’s party, then people should decide in the next election, during an election year.  It means the country was split enough to say an election should determine who gets on the court in an election year.

In this scenario where the Republicans have the White House and the Senate, President Donald Trump should move swiftly to get his third justice onto the High Court before the end of his term.

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