With One Fateful Phone Call, Trump Did What No One Ever Thought He Would


President Trump has demonstrated that he’s truly a maverick. Still, there were some lines most believed he would never cross.

Even when Trump threatened last week to financially punish those who opposed his decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, very few expected him to actually follow through.

Threats are one thing, but to upset the balance of international diplomacy in such a way?

Again, these folks fail to realize that Trump’s not a politician. He’s a businessman, and he’s going to do what’s right for the future success of America, regardless of any political backlash.

And so, on Sunday Trump delivered a little Christmas gift to the United Nations by instructing Ambassador Nikki Haley to slash America’s contribution to the world body’s annual budget by a whopping $285 million.

The US currently contributes a full 22 percent of the UN’s overall budget, by far the largest single contribution by any one nation.

The total we give the UN each year comes to $3.3 billion, so the new cuts are just a fraction of that.

But, make no mistake, the gauntlet has been thrown down. Trump threatened and then delivered on that threat. The UN and its less savory characters will think twice next time before defying the will of the American people.

Source: New York Daily News

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