With Just 4 Little Words, VP Pence Set the Muslim World on Fire


It’s the kind of bold truth they aren’t used to hearing from cowering Western leaders.

But President Trump and VP Mike Pence aren’t about cowering. They’re about truth, and strong American leadership.

So, when Pence addressed Israel’s parliament (Knesset) earlier this week, he did NOT mince words.

Now, Pence said a lot of things that would make the Palestinians and the wider Arab Muslim world angry.

But one particular phrase really stuck out.

For years, the Palestinians and their supporters have been peddling the notion that the Jewish people have no history in Jerusalem, and that the city has always been a Muslim city.

So, Pence went right out and said what we all know to be true:

“Israel’s bond to Jerusalem stretches back 3,000 years.”

We know this to be true because books in our possession (the Bible, among others) are at least that old, and testify to the Jewish connection to Jerusalem.

This poses a MAJOR problem for Israel’s antagonists, since Islam as a religion is less than 2,000 years old.

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That means Jerusalem was an Israeli city at least 1,000 years before there was even a single Muslim on the face of the earth.

It’s an inconvenient truth of which the Muslim world HATES being reminded.

H/T Israel National News

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