Witches Worldwide Try to Cast Spell on Trump, Are Opposed by Praying Christians


Democrats, liberals and atheists are DESPERATE to remove President Trump from office.

So desperate that a global network of “witches” on Friday simultaneously tried to cast a “spell of binding” on Trump. They were opposed by praying Christians everywhere.

The witches circulated online a “Spell to Bind Donald Trump and All Those Who Abet Him (version 2.0)” in preparation for the event, which coincided with a celestial alignment they thought would aid the incantation.

“Desperate times call for magical measure,” read a statement from the witches.

If there was a version 1.0 of the spell, it apparently failed as spectacularly as this latest attempt.

Trump is still in office. And he doesn’t seem to be “bound.”

Is that because millions of Christians opposed the witches by praying at the same time they were casting their “spell”?

The Christian Nationalist Alliance called for the counter-action in an urgent appeal to Christians everywhere.

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