Wisconsin governor announced plans to give drivers license and ID for all undocumented illegals


The Governor of Wisconsin just announced that illegals will now be issued drivers license and ID cards.

From wbay.com

Governor Tony Evers laid out a number of proposals in his Biennial Budget Address that are not directly related to money. One of those proposals would make illegal immigrants eligible for driver’s licenses and state IDs.

The governor believes granting illegal immigrants the ability to get an ID will lead to safer roads and a stronger economy in the state.

An estimated 15,000 undocumented immigrants live in Brown County alone.

“I think having driver’s licenses for people who are here illegally will make Green Bay and all of Wisconsin safer for all of us,” said Chief Andrew Smith with the Green Bay Police Department.

The issue has been a conversation among law enforcement officers across the state for more than a decade.

“Right now, you have individuals out there that aren’t trained. They come to our area — and how they get there, not an issue that we’re part of; they’re here,” said Kewaunee County Sheriff Matt Joski. “They’re here raising families. Our children are going to school together. We shop at the same stores together. They’re here. They’re not trained as far as driving. They have no way of getting insurance.”

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