Wikileaks: Here Are The 65 Reporters That Went To Clinton Campaign Chairman’s House For “Private” Dinners


Wikileaks strikes again – this time at the heart of Hillary’s campaign’s corrupt backroom relationship with the mainstream media.

Via a new email dump, we now know of at least 65 mainstream media reporters that were working closely with the Clinton campaign during the 2016 presidential election cycle. On multiple occasions, these 65+ reporters were invited to Hillary Campaign Chairman John Podesta’s house for intimate private dinners.

It’s worth noting that Fox News reporters made the list.

As previously reported by the Gateway Pundit, at least 38 top national reporters attended a different dinner at John Podesta’s house in April of 2015. While some initially questioned the report from the gateway pundit here is a screenshot from wikileaks offical twitter feed which certainly seems to agree this report. (So it would certainly seem odd to say the report misstated wikileaks position/feelings on the matter)

After attending the dinner, these 38 reporters have lost all credibility and should step down from their positions within the public eye:

We also know that Politico’s chief political correspondent Glenn Thrush was sending the Hillary campaign articles for them to review before publication, to ensure the articles would not cause conflict for the HRC campaign.

Furthermore, we know CNBC and New York Times reporter John Harwood was working with the Clinton campaign to help Hillary appear more favorable to the public.

Draw your own conclusions.
Source : Breitbart

H/T The Intercept

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