Wife Sends a Photo to her Marine Husband Fighting Abroad, but a Detail Costs her the Divorce


Due to work commitments, they were forced to live separated for few months.

But as it happens in these cases, distance can be filled with telephones, video calls, and especially photographs.

One of the husband’s friends went to visit his wife and took a picture of her for him. But something went wrong and her husband immediately asked for divorce.

What happened?

Just look at the shot carefully. Maybe the detail does not jump right into the eye. Did you see it?

Looking at the picture carefully – what her husband must have surely done – you notice a man under the bed – you can see a hand

His wife did not live alone anymore. She had “a friend” living with her.

The story was reported by huffingtonpost.de. Some people believe it’s just a joke that she did, some other believe that it’s just Photoshop. Surely this won’t be the fist time that a wife was caught by her husband.

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What do you think?

H/T: Fanpage.it

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