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Wife Divorces Husband for Forgetting to Bring Her a Hamburger


Arab countries in the Middle East often come under harsh criticism for dated societal norms.

Complaints typically center on the blatant inequality between men and women in that part of the world.

But a story out of the United Arab Emirates indicates that at least part of Middle East Arab society might finally have arrived at the progressive liberal “paradise” in which we Westerners now live.

Via Israel National News:

A UAE woman left her home and demanded a divorce after her husband forgot to buy her a hamburger on his way home.

According to the Khaleej Times, the woman, who is in her 20s, asked her husband, who was spending the night with friends, to pick up a burger she ordered from a fast food joint in Abu Dhabi and bring it home for her.

However, the husband forgot to pick up the hamburger and arrived home empty-handed at 3:00a.m. When the wife discovered the oversight, a fight broke out and the woman left her home.

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