Why was it Okay For This SNL Comedian To Call Trump A “Cheap Cracker” And A “B*tch”? [Video]


Remember when Saturday Night Live’s Michael Che slammed President Trump as a “cheap cracker” and “bitch”?

Che attacked the president during the show’s “Weekend Update” segment on Sept. 30 because of anger he felt over Trump rightly defending himself from Carmen Yulín Cruz.

Cruz was the opportunist mayor of San Juan who used tried to advance her career after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico by incessantly criticizing Trump for his administration’s otherwise successful relief efforts.

Do we give these people a pass because it’s politically correct to do so?

Why the hands-off treatment when it comes to nasty racist comments from black comedians?

Double standards? oh YES!

Chris Rock came under fire for one of the worst comments we’ve heard against whites:

Chris Rock: “I want to live in a world where an equal amount of white kids are shot every month” he continued “I want to see white mothers on TV crying”.

The anti-white narrative continues.

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