Why Did Trump Just Do That?


President Donald Trump is nothing if not decisive. Sometimes to a fault.

That’s why both his constituents at home and his allies abroad were left scratching their heads Friday morning after Trump inexplicably reversed a firm decision taken the day before.

You see, earlier on Thursday, Iranian forces shot down an American drone flying in international airspace over the Gulf of Oman.

The Iranian regime quickly boasted that it had “taught the Americans a lesson.”

Trump’s initial response was just as swift. That same evening, he ordered the US military to prepare retaliatory strikes against Iran.

Such firm action was deemed important to maintain deterrence and curb Iranian aggression in the region.

Congressional Democrats, some Republicans and more liberal foreign allies all rushed to urge Trump to exercise restraint.

By Friday morning, he had apparently caved to their arguments.

The US military was ordered to stand down in mid-preparation to hit Iranian military targets.

Immediately, concern was expressed by Middle East allies like Israel, which warned that Trump’s about-face would only embolden Iran to become more aggressive, now confident that for all the president’s saber-rattling, the Americans don’t intend to actually use their military might.

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Source: ABC

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