Why Did This Entitled Black Teen CRY Over a ‘Police Lives Matter’ Shirt?


A Texas woman was publicly embarrassed for wearing a shirt proclaiming “Police Lives Matter”.

Meredith was shopping at a local grocery store when she was rudely refused service at check out.

The cashier was a entitled black teenager who complained that Meredith’s shirt had offended her.

“She was stating that the shirt I had on was basically a slap in the face to her and she was doing everything she could not to cry,” Meredith told a local ABC affiliate.

The cashier refused to address Meredith directly, and instead loudly told a coworker that she would not serve the customer.

Meredith noted that the shirt was not meant as a jab at anyone. Her husband is a police officer, and she wants to encourage support for our cops, too.

What a sad situation when our younger generation has been so brainwashed against those who risk their lives to protect us.

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