Whoopi Goldberg HUMILIATED After Again Attacking Trump With LIES


Whoopi Goldberg is the queen of running her mouth without any actual facts to back her up.

And she’s been working overtime since President Trump took office.

Whoopi was at it again this week after President Trump signed an executive order temporarily restricting immigration from certain Muslim countries.

Liberals are absolutely losing their minds over that move. And Whoopi wanted so badly to contrast Trump to former President Obama in a way that made Trump look bad.

So she claimed, on TV, that while Trump has busily signed so many of these executive orders in his first week as president, it took Obama months to do the same.

“The difference in what you’re saying in terms of executive action, at least it took President Obama at least a couple of months in and this one [Donald Trump] came in and he said, ‘we’re doing this and this, and this,'” said the liberal windbag.

Only problem is that she’s totally WRONG.

Obama signed no fewer than 16 executive orders during his first month in office, several on the first day.

So, not only did Whoopi fail to make a truthful comparison, she further demonstrated what an uninformed loudmouth she is.

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