WHOA! Trump Just Got Totally UNEXPECTED Support for Muslim Immigration Ban


While liberals offering no better solutions continue to rail against President Trump’s temporary Muslim immigration ban, he’s getting some very unexpected support for the move.

Trump has repeatedly pointed to what’s happening in Europe as the reason why he imposed the ban temporarily so he could put a better vetting system in place.

Well, it turns out Europeans are pretty jealous that Americans have such a leader willing to take such political risks.

A poll conducted by London-based think tank Chatham House found that a firm majority of Europeans would support a similar Muslim immigration ban in their countries.

In other words – TRUMP WAS RIGHT!

An average of 55 percent of Europeans polled in 10 different countries want Muslim immigration halted following a wave of deadly Islamic terror attacks in recent years.

Even more notable is that in no country where the survey was conducted did the number of people OPPOSING a Muslim immigration ban surpass 32 percent.

Less than one-third of Europeans OPPOSE such a ban.

This coming from the continent that knows best what can result from mass Muslim immigration.

Maybe we should take a cue from Trump and start taking seriously what is happening in Europe.

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H/T Israel National News

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