‘Who In God’s Name Needs A Weapon That Can Hold 100 Rounds?’: Biden Calls For More Action On Gun Control


President Joe Biden called for more action on gun control during his Friday press conference with Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga.

Biden touted his own history on the issue and said that while he had already discussed with Attorney General Merrick Garland what could be done by executive order, it would ultimately be Congress’ job to take action.

“No one has worked harder to deal with the violence used — by individuals using weapons than I have,” Biden began. “I am the only one to ever have passed an assault weapons ban. I’m the only one that ever had a 10-year assault weapons ban, and a ban on clips of more than ten bullets.”

Biden went on to say that his intent was to push Congress to follow up on the gun control measures he had already taken by executive order.

“I strongly support, I strongly support the universal background checks, which I continue to push, the Congress has to step up and act, the Senate has to act, I strongly support and continue and neve… (Read more)

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