White Woman Arrested for Drinking a Glass of Wine


We may be becoming a global community, but there are still parts of that community lagging decades, if not centuries, behind the others.

Oddly enough, it’s often the backwards communities that are most vigorously defended by our own “progressive” elitists.

Consider, for instance, last week’s arrest of Ellie Holman and her 4-year-old daughter.

Holman had committed the heinous crime of drinking a glass of wine during an Emirates flight from London to Dubai.

The Muslim flight attendants apparently thought it was a terrible sin for Holman to have consumed alcohol, despite the fact that THEY served it, and made sure the police were waiting at the airport in Dubai.

Holman and her child spent three days in a Dubai prison under unacceptably poor conditions, and the mother is unable to leave the country while awaiting her court hearing.

And you know why she was arrested at least partially due to having a glass of wine? Islam.

Strict adherence to the tenets of Islam, as enshrined in civil law in places like Dubai, forbids the consumption of alcohol.

Now, do we really want to be diluting our own very different culture with those who think we should be jailed for having a beer?

And, what is it with liberals? They lose their minds over a Christian saying that he or she opposes abortion, but don’t mutter a peep over Muslims who think that having a drink is a punishable offense.

Source: Fox News

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