Whiny Liberals Call ‘Captain Kirk’ a Bitter Old Man, He Fires Back With a BRUTAL Reality Check


There remain a few voices in Hollywood that resist the out-of-control liberalism that plagues our modern society.

One is that of Captain Kirk, or, more accurately, the actor who played the iconic Star Trek captain for so many years–William Shatner.

Shatner last week launched into a full Twitter assault on liberal “social justice warriors” who in truth do anything but fight for true justice.

One of Shatner’s Twitter friends asked him what his plans were for the day, to which he replied:

One can tell from the response that as a rare conservative in Hollywood, Shatner is growing fed up with the ridiculous nature of the liberal agenda all around him.

When a number of liberals shot back that Shatner was just a bitter old man, he had a firm reality check waiting for them:

One of Shatner’s former Star Trek co-stars, gay activist George Takei, has been at the forefront of liberal Hollywood’s assault on President Trump.

When asked why he wasn’t also commenting on Trump, Shatner, who is Canadian, had the perfect response: “I consider myself a guest here.”

H/T The Daily Caller

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