Whiney Firefighter Canned After Claiming Stupid ‘Human Rights Violation’


You know how to best water down and make a previously important term irrelevant?

Use that term constantly in a wildly exaggerated manner. That’s how.

And that’s what people like Ontario firefighter Adam Knauff are doing when they abuse the term “human rights violation” for incredibly petty reasons that most certainly have nothing to do with “human rights.”

From CTV News:

Adam Knauff has filed a complaint with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario against his employer, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, over his treatment and subsequent suspension while fighting a fire near William’s Lake, B.C., in 2017.

“The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry discriminated against me and failed to accommodate my sincerely held ethical beliefs (creed) when it failed to provide me with food that accommodated my personal commitment to ethical veganism, and then disciplined me and suspended me because I attempted to assert my right to accommodation of that sincerely held ethical belief,” he wrote in his application to the tribunal.

Yes, he was claiming human rights abuses because the local government failed to provide him with a 3-course vegan meal that met his tastebuds.

And it’s not as if there simply was no food for Knauff. I’m sure the firefighters weren’t be served all meat and nothing else. He just didn’t accept whatever fresh fruits and vegetables that were on offer as sufficient.

But to call that a violation of human rights is about as dumb as making the same claim because your boss refuses to buy you a cake for lunch every day, despite knowing just how much you love sweets.

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