While Obama Is Spending Millions On His Lavish Christmas Vacation, Trump Is Doing THIS…


Barack Obama is currently on his annual extravagant Christmas vacation to Hawaii with his family, as it was just revealed that he has spent $35 million in tax dollars on his trips to the tropical state since taking office.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump is planning to work right up until Christmas, continuing with his transition meetings from his Palm Beach estate.


This is in stark contrast to what Obama was doing when he was at this point in his transition. The Washington Examiner reported that at this time in 2008, Obama had long ditched his transition duties in favor of lounging around in Hawaii with his family.

“With less a month before Obama takes office on Jan. 20, he is taking every step possible to make sure this holiday is as private as possible,” read an Associated Press report from Christmas Day in 2008. “Obama and his family planned to spend their Christmas holiday mostly out of sight, an accomplishment given his two-year, high-profile marathon to win the presidency.”

Trump has shown no signs of slowing down. Just three days before Christmas, he announced five new positions to his administration, including Republican National Committee spokesman Sean Spicer, who will serve as his press secretary, and transition spokesman Jason Miller, who will serve as his White House communications director.

This should come as no surprise, since Trump has often questioned the point of vacationing.

“Don’t take vacations. What’s the point?” Trump once wrote in his book “Think Like A Billionaire.”


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