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While Michelle Obama Spent Your Tax Dollars in Hawaii, THIS is What Israel’s First Lady Was Doing


Michelle Obama had a nice holiday season, spending your tax dollars on the best Hawaii had to offer.

But do you want to see what a real First Lady does? She doesn’t abandon those most important to her country during such times of the year.

In Israel, First Lady Nechama Rivlin, wife of President Reuven Rivlin, spent the Christmas-Hanukkah holiday visiting soldiers on the front lines.

(Israel’s presidency is a ceremonial position, but his wife is the First Lady of the nation.)

She surprised members of the Border Police guarding the northern borders of Jerusalem and spent time lighting Hanukkah candles and eating holiday donuts with them.

My Children

“I’m so happy to be here with you all,” said Nechama Rivlin. “Thanks to your alertness and presence here, we in Jerusalem are able to live in peace and security.”

Can you imagine Michelle Obama ever saying something like that to US soldiers?

But Rivlin wasn’t finished showing up our pathetic excuse for a First Lady.

Selfie with Israel's soldiers

“I take enormous pride in being here with you today,” she told the soldiers. “I can only hope we are able to bring you the same comfort that you provide us.”

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In Israel, the First Lady takes this VERY seriously.

“You are all like my children,” she told the defenders of Jerusalem.

Israel's First Lady with her 'children'

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