While Liberals Mock Trump, A Swede Explains on LIVE TV Why Trump is 100% Right


Donald Trump gave a speech in Florida and remarked “look at what happened last night in Sweden”, which was met by immediate liberal mockery.

The Embassy of Sweden in the US even tweeted Trump saying they looked forward to informing him on Swedish immigration and integration policy.

Don’t bother. I’ll do a better job explaining that disaster than you ever could.

Please share this video and make a fool out of the fake news media. Trump is not lying.


From the description of the video:

This is a video where I go over the immigrant crime/rape statistics in Sweden. Latest study from 2005 showed immigrants are 5 times more likely to be registered as suspects of rape.

An overrepresentation that large is enough for the numbers of rapes to increase severely when that part of the population grows as well. Most immigrants don’t rape, but they don’t need to in order for rape to rise significantly:

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