Where’s BLM? Bodycam Video Shows Black Cop Tasing Handcuffed Black Man, Shouting ‘Scream Again’


The bodycam footage is unambiguous: A 67-year-old man is seen sitting in the back of a police car, handcuffed, being tased by a police officer.

“You scream again,” the police officer dares the sexagenarian in the backseat. He does. The officer uses the stun gun again.

According to The Associated Press, Port Allen, Louisiana, police Officer Nolan Dehon III was charged earlier in the month in the March 27 incident.

Izell Richardson Jr., a black man, is talking to the media about how he “still recalls the shock of 50,000 volts of electricity pulsed into his body by a Louisiana police officer,” WAFB-TV reported.

On Thursday, the bodycam footage was released — and while one doesn’t want to opine on a case that hasn’t hit court yet, the video is anything but exculpatory.

Why, then, do we not have Black Lives Matter protests in Louisiana? Why, when the shooting death of a girl who was potentially about to stab another girl pinned up against a car has inflamed activists in Columbus, Ohio, and across the nation, are we not talking about Richardson’s case?

It likely has something to do with the fact Nolan Dehon III is black.

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