When Letterman Read A List Of This Marine’s Injuries, His Response Left The Whole Room Silent


Corporal Kyle Carpenter was only 19 when he was almost killed while serving the Marines in Afghanistan in 2010. An enemy grenade attack and nearly 40 surgeries later, the Medal of Honor recipient went on Letterman to share his unbelievable journey to recovery that led him to complete the Marine Corps Marathon.

Cpl. Carpenter endured the numerous surgeries and painful therapies for two and a half years while in the hospital. Despite his injuries and challenges faced, he worked hard to train for the legendary marathon. Cpl. Carpenter’s act of valor was recognized when he recently became the second living Marine to receive the highest military decoration since the Vietnam War- the Medal of Honor.

In this interview, Letterman describes all of the injuries Kyle endured. Some of them include infinite shattered bones, shrapnel in both legs, two ruptured eardrums, a collapsed right lung, an obliterated jaw, lost vision in the right eye- just to name a few of the most haunting ones.

“I’m an overachiever,” joked Cpl. Carpenter during Letterman’s listing of the injuries.

His ability to find humor in such a devastating challenge is truly inspiring. You have to watch the incredible interview with this hero!

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