Wheelchair Bound Veteran Bob Dole Just Put Anthem Kneelers To Shame In Legendary Fashion


Over the last year or so, the NFL has made it clear that they don’t really care that much about the American flag. Sure, they claim that sitting for the anthem has nothing to do with respecting the country but a child can see through that flawed logic.

If the protest had nothing to do with the flag then you wouldn’t protest during the one time designated for respecting the flag. It’s a joke.

Young liberals don’t seem to get it.

American heroes like Bob Dole sure do.

Check out what Bob Dole did when the anthem started playing during a cermony today that paid tribute to his incredible legacy. It put the NFL kneelers to shame.

From The Daily Caller:

Dole, who is 94 years old, can no longer walk and remained in his wheelchair for the majority of the ceremony. However, when the color guard walked in carrying the American flag and the flags of the Armed Forces, Dole can be seen on camera waving for an aide. A young man jumped up and helped pull Dole upright, so that he could be standing during the honoring of the American flag.

Does it get any better than Bob Dole? Imagine how great it would have been if he beat Bill Clinton back in 96.

Here’s a little more about why everyone was gathered in D.C. to pay respects to Senator Dole.

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From Fox News:

In a rare moment of bipartisanship, former Kansas Sen. Bob Dole on Wednesday received the Congressional Gold Medal – the highest civilian honor – for his service to the country as a “soldier, legislator and statesman.”

Dole, who received a standing ovation, was awarded the medal by President Trump at a ceremony in the Capitol Rotunda. Congressional leaders from both parties spoke of Dole’s service in and out of office.

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