What Willie Nelson Just Did Has Obama Livid


Famous singer Willie Nelson has had enough of Obama, and he’s not afraid to sing about it!

Along with country legend Merle Haggard, Nelson has written a song called “It’s All Going To Pot,” which is a sly reference to what’s happening to America’s economy under Obama’s leadership.

What the song is really about, however, is the legalization of marijuana, which Obama’s White House strongly opposes. This, of course, is extremely hypocritical, since Obama was a hardcore pot-smoker in his youth.

In the end, Haggard and Nelson don’t care if you support the legalization of marijuana. They just care about American liberties.

“All the whiskey in Lynchburg, Tennessee just couldn’t hit the spot,” reads one of the lyrics. “I’ve got a hundred dollar bill, friend keep your pills ’cause it’s all going to pot.”

This is not the first time Nelson has defied an Obama agenda. In the past, he has been asked not to sing so much about Jesus. To retaliate, he often sings about Christ as much as he can in concerts.

We applaud Nelson for continuing to stand up to Obama. Keep up the good work, Willie!

H/T: The Political Insider

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