What Trump Was Seen Handing to Ivanka at G-20 Has Liberals HOWLING


Ivanka Trump joined her father at the important G-20 Summit in Germany last week for a series of meetings with the world’s top leaders.

The very fact that Ivanka was there at all irked many liberals.

But boy were they FUMING when Ivanka actually filled in for the president at one meeting of heads of state.

The following photo, which has since been removed from Twitter, shows Ivanka sitting between the president of China and the prime minister of Britain.

President Trump was busy in a bilateral discussion with the Indonesian leader at the time.

While the leaders of the world seemed to have no problem with Ivanka taking a seat at the table, liberals reacted in predictable fashion.

The New York Times ran a story about the “outrage” that included tweets like these:

What they don’t seem to get is that most of those who voted for Trump knew that they were getting a package deal.

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Americans knew they were getting the whole Trump family, and that’s exactly what they wanted.

Ivanka is as capable of commanding a place at that table as any leader in that room, and most Americans are PROUD to have her fill in for the president when needed.

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