What Trump Just Did To Hillary is the Most Brutal Thing I’ve Seen in a Very Long Time


It’s a very bad idea to make yourself a political opponent of President Donald Trump. The man’s as ruthless as he is clever, traits every successful businessman must possess.

Trump loves him some Twitter. And the American people love having such a direct, personal connection to their elected leader.

And it certainly doesn’t hurt that Trump has a wicked sense of humor, most often employed in skewering his political opponents in epic fashion.

Now, this time around it wasn’t Trump himself who came up with the funny tweet, but he did endorse and retweet the jab at Hillary Clinton the moment he saw it.

The original message came from Twitter user TeamTrump45, one of the many accounts belonging to die-hard fans of the president.

The post features the cover of Hillary’s new book, What Happened, which bemoans her electoral defeat. Next to it is a fake book cover with a photo of Trump smiling under the title I Happened.

The tweet reached over 44,000 likes and was retweeted more than 15,000 times, including by Trump himself.

Hillary is set to go on a book tour launching her new work of fiction later this month.

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H/T Breitbart

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