What Trump Just Did is Being Called a Defining Moment of His Presidency


He’s passed a lot of big legislation, and implemented policies no one believed he’d be able to actually implement.

But it was a small moment detached from politics that many felt defined the Trump presidency.

On Wednesday, President Trump signed the “Right to Try” bill enabling those suffering from terminal diseases easier access to experimental drugs and treatments.

That was a pretty big deal.

But what really got everyone talking was when one of those terminally-ill patients who joined Trump on stage interrupted the president to give him a hug.

Trump at first didn’t notice 9-year-old Jordan McLinn trying to hug him, but the moment he did, the president dropped everything and embraced the child in display of genuine love and sympathy.

It was the kind of scene that demonstrated, yet again, that for all his faults, Trump truly does love America and its people. That’s what drives him to implement so many sweeping changes, even those that earn him nothing but scorn in the media.

Trump’s already achieved all the celebrity and wealth a person could hope for. This one, he’s doing for America.

H/T The Daily Caller

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